Pete and I worked together for over a dozen years. He is a top notch web developer and a fantastic project manager. He is a rare find as he can speak to the technology but also explain it in plain English for clients. Marketing managers rely on him to be the bridge to their tech teams and he shines in this role. He always has creative solutions to complicated technology problems which makes him a major asset on any team!
Erika Ritzer
Senior Partner, FINN Partners
Pete was a reliable, creative web designer for Berman & Company. Although he hasn’t worked for Berman & Company for a number of years, I still work with some of the code he wrote, and it is consistently clear, efficient, and well organized. The fact that we’re using code written in 2002 is a testament to Pete’s skillset.

I worked with Pete to develop UnionFacts.com’s database of labor unions. Pete was enormously helpful in problem solving all of the complications that cropped up during development. We were on a tight deadline and Pete came in early and stayed late to meet our deadline.
J. Justin Wilson
Vice President for Communications, Institute for Justice
In my time working with Pete at Finn Partners I found him to be an excellent colleague. His front end code was well known to be clean and concise among our development team. He regularly exhibited creative problem solving skills to integrate front end designs into the WordPress CMS in ways that made sites easy for clients to manage and easy for users to consume. Additionally, Pete’s interpersonal skills made him something of a unicorn with regard to his ability to communicate directly and effectively with clients. His work and demeanor were appreciated by clients and colleagues alike.
Jeff Nortstedt
Partner, FINN Partners
I enjoyed working with Pete at Berman & Company, as he played a major role in developing solutions to a host of technological and creative problems and wasn’t shy about speaking up and doing whatever it took to get the job done to ultimately meet the client’s goals. Pete is solution-oriented as an employee and a great team player as a co-worker.
Bret Jacobson
Founding Co-Partner, Red Edge
Pete was one of the first people I hired as a German CEO of an American company. That is always complicated in terms of culture and expectations. What I remember (and probably never forget) is Pete’s professional approach to both work and cultural differences. He was patient, professional, and very polite. A person you need in your corporate culture – or if you want to build one. I recommend him as your cornerstone in a team, when **it hits the fan. He keeps things in order and to the point! Very good colleague!
Ralf Schwoebel
Founding Partner, intraDAT